Off on holiday, listening to the music channels. Loving the new song Price Tag, which is sung by Jessie J . It is a fantastic song. My internet isn’t loading things I really want loaded, and just in general am bored. Back to school tomorrow. My friends get to see my new haircut. I got it cut on Friday, up to shoulder and blonde highlights. I hate one thing about it and that it is a nightmare to straighten. You need to straighten it down, or the layers stand out to much and stick out. I can’t be bothered going back to school, I don’t mind Wednesdays but they are still fairly boring.

Watching  my puppy sleep on the stool, he is so cute. Tiny and sound asleep. He is best when he is sleeping you get lots of piece to do what you need to do.  He did wake me up this morning, when G was hoovering he ran out of living room and into my room. Then I took him through to my mum, he started hugging and licking her. He is such an affectionate little dog.

I recommend you listen to the song Price Tag it is so good.  Also Do it like a dude, by the same artist is amazing. :)

So cold, off to get a blanket and try and get on with what I want to do!

As the title says this is my top 25 most played songs on my itunes.

1. Replay – Iyaz
2. So Big – Iyaz
3. Solo – Iyaz
4. Lose  Control – The Saturdays
5. The Boy Who Murdered Love – Diana Vickers
6. The Way The World Works – Pixie Lott
7. We Like To Party! – Vengaboys
8. Let’s Get Excited – Alesha Dixon
9. Just Want You To Know – Backstreet Boys
10. All I Ever Wanted – Basshunter
11. 2012 (It Ain’t The End) – Jay Sean
12. Lovegame [Space Cowboy Remix] – Lady Gaga
13. Start Without You – Alexandra Burke
14. Single Ladies – Beyone
15. Fallen Leaves – Billy Talent
16. Everytime We Touch – Cascada
17. Lose My Life  – Chipmunk
18. Saviour – Chipmunk
19. We Go Together – Grease
20. Watcha Say – Jason Derulo
21. Oh, Oh! – Jeremy Amelin
22. We Are Golden – Mika
23.  Say it’s Over – N-Dubz
24. Cry Me Out – Pixie Lott
25. Nothing Compares – Pixie Lott

There we have it my top 25 songs most played. I different variation of genres. I like lots of different types of music. As I grew up with my mum listening to the 80’s music. That is what I heard a lot when my mum did house work. I don’t care what people like and or think about what I like. We all have different tastes in music mine is fairly mixed, but others prefer one time of music genre.



So happy

Got up earlier this morning, and I managed to get all of the work we needed to get done with G this morning. All the pets, hoovering, tidying rooms and sorting out washing. So chuffed it all got done within around 1-2 hours. Now I get to sit back and relax !

Can’t wait to see my mum. Hope she had a great weekend. She seen a film last night and she said it was good. Cold day but it is sunny. Hopefully it will stay very dry!

Not Written In A While

Not had much to write about this past week. My friend and I have been talking a lot about boy troubles. She likes this boy but didn’t want everyone knowing. Now like the whole school know. She is going mental over it all. It is a shame because she is so nice and the boy doesn’t actually like her.

Been writing an essay in English started again yesterday. I am doing better which is good. Got new boots today and took some photos. Great day. Everything is going okay at the moment.

Dad is out at football wooo. Byeee.

School and Home

Up early this morning half past seven. Ate my breakfast of frosties and got dressed for school. Off I went to catch my bus. It was cold :(. Got to school first two subjects were English then Maths. I went to have my break sat with my friends and had a chat. Third and Fourth I had Spanish and then Geography. Went for lunch, had ham sandwich then biscuits, apple, cheese and also some chocolate coins that my friend gave me. After lunch I met my new Chemistry teacher. She is a witch. I hate her so much. We are never allowed to talk and all we do is sit and write. She is so boring. Last I had P.E which was good we played Hockey. In the end it was a draw. I was bit gutted I wasn’t picked I just had to go with a team because I was last. The team captains wouldn’t listen to my friends telling them to pick me.

Came home have to wait for my dinner till Dad comes home. I am getting Chilli. Not so keen on it but I will eat it for my mums sake. Had decent day.

This is my list of the top 10 things to do when you’re bored.

1. Post a new post of Word Press
2. Play games online
3. Do some tidying/cleaning
4. Read a Book
5.  Watch TV
6. Bake a Cake
7. Listen To Music
8. Call a friend
9. Go out with a friend
10. Go for a sleep

Comment below what your top 10 list would be or as high a number as you can go.

Have fun !

As title says G does get me down at times. She is quite often very bad mouthed towards me. Now don’t get me wrong I will swear back but it is when she starts saying things like “You’re a fat c*nt”. That really does hurt. She is supposed to be my sister. I will maybe say “fuck off you wee shite” to her, but I never mention her being fat or call her a “fat c*nt”.

She goes on like I am the biggest person she ever met and I am often told that people would die for a figure which I have. I am more or less straight up and down. It does get to me, maybe because some nights when I ain’t feeling so great I might eat bit more than she does. I feel that eating makes me feel better. I don’t know why but it just does.

I still don’t see how that makes me fat.

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